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Periodontal treatment is the specialist cleaning of your gums and teeth to control the bacteria that cause gum disease. The bacteria stick to the teeth, irritate the gums and make them bleed. If not treated gum disease can eventually destroy gum and bone which support your teeth.

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Tooth brushing is carried out to remove the sticky bacteria that forms a harmful film on the teeth (dental plaque).


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What is Periodontal (gum) treatment?

Bacteria causes tartar (calculus) build up. This will be removed from above the gum line. If the disease has affected the support for your teeth, the bacteria and calculus from beneath the gum line will be removed. This cleaning involves the use of powered and hand operated cleaning instruments on the tooth surface. If you experience discomfort whilst having your cleaning then the dentist may decide to give an injection to numb the gums.

What is involved in periodontal treatment?

Same Day Emergency Treatment

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The amount of appointments will depend on the severity of the disease, if the gum disease is aggressive then antibiotics may be necessary. The patient is also taught the best method of tooth and gum cleaning to remove bacteria and treatment will be most effective if teeth are cleaned thoroughly.

After the treatment as the gums become healthier they may shrink or recede and the teeth may appear longer. You may notice spaces appear between the teeth.

Advantages of periodontal treatment

Gums will be healthier which will help you keep your teeth for longer.

There is no other treatment for gum disease, if left the gum disease may become worse, this can lead to the teeth becoming painful or eventually being removed.

Gums will no longer bleed and be red and swollen.

Breath may become fresher.

If teeth are loose they may feel firmer.

Disadvantages of periodontal treatment

For a few days after treatment the gums can feel sore.

The teeth can become sensitive to hot and cold, this usually decreases within a few weeks.

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