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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Cosmetic procedures for beautiful teeth


This course of treatment is usually considered when the dentition is severely compromised and involves a combination of advanced techniques to provide our patients with the most beautiful, natural looking and best functioning teeth, we use the latest treatments, along with the best available materials and advanced techniques.

Invariably this addresses all the issues necessary to provide the patients with a healthy, functional and aesthetic dentition.


The process begins with an in-depth examination which includes taking a full medical and dental history. We will discuss any dental issues and expectations you may have with regards to the outcome of your treatment. We will carry out a full intra and extra oral examination which will include a full dental chart, radiographs, periodontal assessment, impressions for study models, a bite record and photographs. Once we have all the available information we will produce a treatment plan outlining the treatment options which will be discussed with the patient in detail.

You will have the opportunity to discuss the plan in detail to ensure you understand the treatment proposed and to consider various options.



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Don't forget that you get free care and maintenance advice after your cosmetic procedures.


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