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Facial aesthetic treatments

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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels can improve the skin's appearance by improving the appearance of fine lines, correcting uneven skin pigmentation, softening acne or treating scars from acne and treating skin blemishes


Facial  Line Softening

Restylane is a treatment that contains hyaluron gel, specifically formulated for facial line softening, and to refresh your looks in a natural and subtle way. When injected into the skin, it instantly boosts the skin's hydration system to restore volume and non-surgically smooth away and soften the appearance of facial lines.

Cheek Bone Enhancement and Facial Contouring

With Restylane you can draw attention back to your cheekbones. Restylane can create fuller cheeks, restoring shape and adding emphasis to your chin to improve your profile


Lip Enhancement

One of the most effective ways to feel confident and have the lips you always wanted is with Restylane Lipp lip enhancement, giving lips shape and fullness and improving those fine lines.

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At Acer Dental Practice, we are experts in providing aesthetic treatments for facial enhancement.


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